Friday, July 20, 2007

Growing Up and Not Liking It

In my first post about all this, I had only experienced Sierra's new mood swings and outbursts.

And of course, there were significant growth spurts to mention, especially in regard to her feet. ;o) Those always grew faster than the rest of her. And last year, I bought her some sports bras. (Just to add a touch of modesty to her budding figure.)

Then over the last few months, all of her clothes got too small.

Jeans are now capris.

Shorts are now Daisy Dukes.

And kicked in again!

I won't give too many details, as my lovely daughter reads this blog of mine and is sure to be embarrassed, but I will say for all of the friends and family reading along...serious changes are afoot.

My "little" girl isn't so little anymore, and while the BIG thing hasn't happened, I know it's very close. Perhaps too close.

Just the fact that I have to purchase bigger "undergarments" for her, is a clue that "It" will happen soon.

And Lord help me, I'm not ready. I mean, I *am*, but I'm not. I'm excited and I'm horrified. I'm happy and I'm depressed. And I feel old as I sit and reflect upon my own preteen years.

Earlier today, Abby asked how old I was when I had each of them. When I said, "Nineteen, twenty-two and twenty-three", it really hit me that Sierra is truly half-grown.

She's a mere 7.5 years away from the age I was when I had her! And if that isn't sobering, I don't know what is.

So if any of you more seasoned mothers out there in Blog Land have any advice for me in regard to wading through the waters of transition from girlhood to maidenhood...I'm all ears.

In the meantime, I'll be chowing down some major chocolate tonight. I think I deserve it.

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