Saturday, July 28, 2007

Her Church?!

I thought this was some odd misunderstanding...a joke, perhaps. But alas, it is not. I first heard about this abomination (pardon the language, but that's the only word that continually runs through my mind) via my friend, Stacy McDonald's blog post here.

I took the liberty in visiting this site to see for myself what the fuss was truly about. I quite honestly didn't think this would/could happen in a "Christian" church, but then...there's a lot that goes on in more "liberal" churches these days that I didn't think would ever be allowed, either.

However, back to my original rant...

How does this happen??? How can someone, or a group of people, so grossly twist Scripture like that? Are we as a Church that spiritually weak that we could even fall prey to such deception?

Obviously so.

The Church needs to wake up 'n smell the Starbucks.

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