Monday, July 16, 2007

Interesting Reading

I've been reading a lot lately--a rare "treat" which I'm thoroughly enjoying!

I was really blessed this weekend when Sierra's curriculum package arrived from The Jubilee Academy. It contained a book by a woman, Patty Anglin, that I've been quite interested in since first reading about her in an issue of Above Rubies. She is the founder of Acres of Hope, an orphanage caring for Liberia's smallest victims of civil war. You can read more about her, the orphanage, and her heart-warming book here.

Then on Sunday, I was doubly-blessed when I went to our local library and perused their booksale. I walked away with 2 new educational CD's for our home school--Algebra Blaster (Sierra was so thrilled---NOT!), and Great Composers for Children (which is a 3 CD set), the book "Rachel's Tears" (Rachel Scott was one of the Columbine victims), and a hardcover copy of "The Purpose Driven Life".

And I spent a whopping...(ready for this?)...$2.25! Woohooo!!! Now THAT'S what I call getting a GREAT deal! Yeeehaw!

Then early this morning, whilst pondering what to do with my day (as I have ZERO daycare children to care for and my own littlies were still snoozing), I read over several great articles online that I'll share with you below.

The first is a post on the Faith and Family Books Blog regarding hospitality. (Very, very good and timely, I thought.)

The next article I found rather interesting, even if I'm not by any means an "environmentalist". It discusses how birth control pills are tainting the water supply and harming fish and wildlife. However, since this is a very touchy subject and would open a tremendous can of worms, we may never know what sort of effect this has on our personal food and water supply. for a glass of estrogen-water, Dearie? (Makes me wonder if this is why so many teen girls don't LOOK like they're in their teens these days, but rather full-grown women?)

And finally...(And I'm quoting this directly from another website about it) "Anna Sofia and Elizabeth Botkin announced late last month that they will release a new film in October of this year. The Return of the Daughters, a one-hour documentary, will take viewers into the homes of young women who are rediscovering the biblical model for daughters, homes, and families and have been experiencing the blessings of God for their counter-cultural decisions."

Yes; very counter-cultural. However, I've seen this method work in the lives of our dear friends, Amanda and Lisa, and can only pray that my own daughters will follow-suit.

Well, I've just about covered everything. ;o) So with that, I shall bid you all adieu.

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