Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Long Live the Crevice Tool!

Ok..that's just weird. Didn't think about it too much before I typed in the title, but oh well. It fits. ;-)

Seriously folks, I went NUTSO with the little crevice tool attachment on the vacuum yesterday.

First, I had to go through the unfortunate experience of cleaning out the vacuum (it has two separate plastic containers that collect the dirt, rather than a bag). What a mess! UGH!!! Its amazing how far 'n wide dust will spread itself (especially as you're banging the side of garbage can with aforementioned plastic dirt collector!).

After successfully eliminating virtually all traces of dirt from my vacuum, I put all three children to work. Sierra swept all the sweep-able floors, Ethan followed with the mop, and Abby...well, Abby cleaned her room (something she has to do repeatedly throughout the day).

I got busy vacumming under and behind all the furniture, and in between all the gaps and spaces between the kitchen wall(s) and the appliances, corners of the ceiling, etc. Woohoo!

Yes, had I been born a more industrious person, this sort of thing would've been done sooner and more frequently. But alas, I'm prone to procrastination and laziness, and tend to avoid the "deep cleaning" all but once or twice a month. (I's quite shameful. Sigh.)

I was dripping with sweat by the time I finished and--wouldn't you know it?--the Schwan's delivery guy showed up right then!


I flew into the bathroom, splashed my face with cold water, quickly powdered my shiny nose, ran a brush through the "tail" of my ponytail, and answered the door.

"Oh hello there, Kevin! Yes, it is a lovely day. Do you have any sales this afternoon?"


The poor guy looked at me funny, and of course I felt it'd be best to explain my more than slightly disheveled appearance. (Ahem)

Good thing the man has a sense of humor and a neat-freak for a wife. Otherwise he might fail to understand, and ask for a new delivery route. Then I'd feel bad.

But back to the crevice, that thing is SO cool! Maybe I should quit being so lazy and actually use it more than 1-2 times/month. What do you think? How often is one supposed to vacuum like that? Is there even a rule? Or does it just depend upon where you fall on the "Obsessive Compulsive" scale?


I should ask my friends Tiffani, Tiffany, Amanda and Lisa. Their homes are always spotless. ;o)

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