Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Busy Tuesday, Slow Wednesday

I went to Gymboree last night to fill out the 40-page mountain of paperwork (no joke!), took my rings in afterward for their semi-annual inspection/cleaning, then reviewed a copy of the Employee Handbook last night while waiting for Dean to return from the ER.

Yup...the ER! Only he wasn't the patient. (Thank G-d!)

His friend Josh decided to be helpful and retrieve a ball for some children in his apartment complex, that had gone over the pool's security fence. Unfortunately, he got his shoe stuck in the fence and down he went, in a literal "face plant". He fractured his left arm, and has several scraps and bumps. Needless to say, the man's in some serious pain. (OUCH!) So much for trying to be helpful, huh? Poor guy.

So anyway, Dean headed over there once he heard the news, and stayed to take Josh back home. (He didn't get home 'til 11pm.)

Oh, I almost forgot! Yesterday afternoon, I learned that Kelvin's mother is *expecting*!! Everyone please keep Cherry in your prayers. She has trouble during her pregnancies (Kelvin himself was born 3 months premature), and of course all necessary precautions are being taken to ensure this little one's safe arrival.

(And yes, I've already been asked if I'd babysit him/her, too. Woohoo! Babies, babies, babies!)

Today's been a very relaxed sort of day. Caleb isn't here today due to illness (poor baby!). He spiked a fever last night and has been pretty miserable ever since. He's staying home with his Daddy today, and will hopefully be back tomorrow.

We don't have Future Big Brother Kelvin today either, so its just the twins and Rachel. Wow! Talk about a "slow" day.

However, I'm taking full advantage of it, and doing all the laundry and cleaning that I didn't get done yesterday (trust me, there's a TON!), and hopefully a sneak a decent workout in later. (However, I did squats and leg lifts this morning while waiting for Rachel at 4:30am).

Well my energy's starting to dwindle, so I shall close this post for now as I venture off to sneak another one of Dean's Pepsi's! ;-]

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