Wednesday, August 8, 2007

The Day's To Do List

Today's blog post will be rather boring, as I don't have much of anything to say except to share my "To Do" list.

I've got the laundry half-finished (including sheets), and have re-organized and weeded out our glass/cup/coffee mug cupboard. I decided there were too many mugs, the glasses weren't put away how I like them (the children put the dishes away, so I have to re-train them on use of space and proper order) and it all just made the cupboard look awful.

So I pulled everything out, lined the tall glasses in rows, the shorter ones in their own rows, and the mugs have their own section now. I know it'll take a few days for the children to remember where they all go, but I'm confident it won't take more than that. ;-)

Let's see...what else is there?

Ah, yes!

After Rachel arrives (which should be any moment now), we're all going on a short walk to the grocery store to pick up some hamburger buns for tonight's supper. We're having turkey burgers (a family favorite), mashed potatoes and...well...maybe a salad. That's sounds good.

The only bummer is that it's raining today (go figure), so we'll have to dig out our umbrellas. This will be considered a "treat" for the children, as there's nothing better than mud puddles and cartoon character umbrellas! ;o)

After that, I just have general cleaning to do (windows, vacuuming, dusting) and then later, my afternoon workout. Today will be a 45 min session, and I'm really looking forward to it. (Exercise is my only "me" time during the day.)

And I guess that's about it.

Hope you're all having a thrilling day, wherever you are! ;o)

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