Tuesday, August 28, 2007

First Day of Work, etc.

I figured I should post about this while the memory is still vaguely fresh.

So! The exciting world of Gymboree...

Well, the assistant manager will be training me all week and part of next. I'm in the process of learning all the different clothing lines, their respected names (Equestrian, Harvest Leaves, School House Rocks, Mr. Fix-It, etc), and which accessories go with which line. (And believe me, if you've never been to a Gymboree--there's a TON!!!!)

I've learned where the extra "older" clothing and "new lines" are stored--both in the back of the store and on the floor, according to size. (Went over the various sizes, too.)

We discussed the various Loss Prevention steps (interesting), and she tried to teach me how to properly fold and organize the clothing on the racks.

I say *tried* only because I folded everything correctly the first time without her having to show me, which was pretty neat. (Heehee! She found it rather humorous herself.)

I guess I never realized how "retail" my laundry folding procedures were. ;-] And the same goes for my "hanging". I tend to hang my clothes in a certain way, and hate for hangers to be facing opposing directions; which happens to be the same way they do it at the store.

(I'm weird.)

Oh yes, and I now know what a nesting table, panel cart, accessory tower, bay, rounder, S-table and jet-way are. (Ooh la la. I'm so smart.)

Tonight I begin training on the register, something I was formerly quite good at (back in the day).

After Labor day, I don't have very many hours scheduled, so I'm going to request for them to be bumped up a bit. My goal is to work at least 20 hrs each week.

And provided I keep the chai and Pepsi well-stocked, I should be fine. ;-}

But really, I don't feel any more tired than usual. I usually get about 5-5.5 hrs of sleep a night, so my working doesn't effect that.

My concern this week however, is learning to get all the housework and supper done before I leave.

That's the tricky part!

Sleep is irrelevant.

Oh and one more thing. Being that Gymboree is a children's store, they have a TV where they play old Nick Jr. shows (like "Bob the Builder" and "Kipper"), and also pipe kiddie music through the store.

So needless to say, by the end of the night I had been transported back in time to the days when Sierra was little, and found myself humming along to "Barney".

Gag. :-p

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