Wednesday, August 1, 2007

I'm a Spaz

Earlier today, my three children, two daycare children, and myself all walked up to the grocery store.

We decided to go to Trader Joe's first, because we hadn't been there in some time and I wanted "something different". We bought a whole two things, the children found "Nemo" (a stuffed version stashed amongst the canned goods) and thus received a free chocolate bar as a prize, and we left.

From there we dawdled at Half Price books (bought *nothing*), then made our way to Albertsons (all of these stores are in the same strip mall area, so please don't think I'm some power-walker, dragging a gaggle of children all over).

The children were all in delightful moods at the promise of eating their chocolate prize after lunch.

We took our time getting home, enjoying the sunshine (it was getting increasingly warmer as it was nearing mid-day) and I said something silly like, "I'm so glad we got this done before it got too hot!"

Upon entering the house and unloading the stroller, I realized something was missing.

"Where's the Trader Joe bag?" I asked, scanning the counter tops.

Sierra (my oldest) had a puzzled look on her face, which was quickly replaced by the look of utter disbelief that mirrored my own.

We'd forgotten to grab it after paying!!!!!


I felt like such an incapable, spazticated ninny. How could I forget to grab my bag?! Where's my brain???

So, we plopped little Kelvin *back* inside the stroller, wiggled our tired toes back into our sandals, and back up the street we went (as I silently berated myself with each step).

Like I said, it was getting warmer, and when added to fatigue, hunger and general annoyance, you get a recipe for grumpiness. The children kept it together for the most part, but you could tell they weren't thrilled.

However, little Rachel (4 1/2 yrs old) expressed her feelings all the way there 'n back.

The poor thing was worn out (I figured it to be maybe 3/4 of a mile total) and made it clear that I was not her favorite person for forgetting the bag. I felt horrible.

Then to make my day complete, I managed to get 2 gigantic blisters; one on each baby toe. (Serves me right for wearing slip-ons.)

After all that, I'm not in the mood to workout, nor do I think my feet can bear it. I'll just do a few arm exercises and call it a day.

Hopefully this will be the last time I "spaz out", but I highly doubt it.

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