Friday, August 17, 2007

Life Just Got Crazier

I got a job at Gymboree, as a part-time sales associate, but the bulk of my training will be toward management! (Woohoo!)

If it wasn't for all of my praying friends, I don't know if I'd have the job. This was truly a blessing from G-d, and I'm very thankful for it. Thank you all so much!

Although this means my life has just gotten significantly crazier (waking up at 5am for daycare children, then working at Gymboree until 10pm), I'm excited about this new opportunity.

However, my tune may change in two weeks when I officially start, as I already have the sinking realization of just how much I'll miss my husband and children...that's the biggest concern for me right now. :o(

I haven't worked outside the home in over 9 years, so this is a GIGANTIC adjustment for me and the children. (Abby seems to be less enthusiastic about this than Ethan and Sierra are, however.)

But like I said, I firmly believe that the L-rd saw fit to provide me with this job at just the right time, so every detail will work out. ;o)

In other news, the children and I did a quick 15 min "Tae Bo Kids" workout earlier today. Little Kelvin (almost 2) looked absolutely, 100% confused by all the activity! Ha ha! Poor buddy didn't know WHAT to make of the four of us kicking, jabbing, and jumping around like that! (We must've been quite a sight!) We all had a good time, though.

Baby Caleb will come later this afternoon for the last "visit" before Monday's official start. I sure hope I'm able to soothe him to sleep as right now, I'm not that proficient. (Ahem)

There is some discussion of a visit from our dear friends, Amanda & Julianah later today as well. (Shhhh! Abby doesn't know that yet!)

And like a total dweeb, I had my first cup of chai this morning on an empty stomach, which always throws me for a loop! Now I'm all jittery, despite the fact that I've since eaten a light breakfast and a sandwich for lunch, and haven't had any more chai. Go figure.

Well with that I shall close this post for today. It's nearly time for Kelvin's nap and I have a few more things to tidy up.

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