Friday, August 31, 2007

One Sick Pookie

My poor Abby has caught a virus of some nature and isn't feeling well. :-{

After breakfast this morning, she started complaining of a stomach ache. I figured this was due to the fact that she'd had dairy milk with her cereal, as we were out of soy.

Then later, she began *crying and screaming* over the pain. (Not normal, even if she is heavily prone to dramatics.)

About an hour or so after her cries subsided, she refused to play outside and only wanted to lay on the couch. She asked if she could take a nap (which was REALLY odd), and when asked about shopping later this evening with Grandma (one of her favorite things to do), she refused.

Then we ALL knew something was up!

I stroked her head, brushing the bangs from her face and realized she was very warm.

As in, 101.4 warm! Poor baby...she really was sick.

The daycare children left a bit earlier than normal, as did Sierra and Ethan (they all go to Grandma's every Friday night). So it was just me and a very ill Pookie.

After she woke from another nap, I decided to let her re-watch a little video I made on the eve of her 7th birthday. It cheered her up, as I'd expected it would, and when I asked if she'd like me to post it to my blog she beamed with pleasure.

So, here you are...My sweet Pookie's video debut. (Pause the "Sonific Songspot" on the left side bar, otherwise the music will overlap with the video's music.)

PS: The song is from one of Abby's favorite TV shows, "Hannah Montana", in case you weren't familiar with it. Enjoy!

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