Tuesday, August 14, 2007

One Very Busy Tuesday

The children and I had a delightfully busy day.

We had an appointment with our local cable company to come out and upgrade our cable package from "basic" to "digital". Yes, I realize digital cable is so 2005, (Grins), and I'm truly behind the times. But I just didn't feel that we needed anything "extra" like that, as we limit our TV consumption as it is.

Moving on!

So, aforementioned "cable man" was scheduled to come out sometime between 8am-Noon. Ethan was especially looking foward to this grand event, as it meant a "new remote". (Such a man.)

Then around 11am, we were paid a visit by Baby Caleb (the newborn I'll be babysitting full-time starting next week), his older brother and mother. They stayed for just over an hour, and oh my goodness! What a beautiful baby boy he is!!! Oh! If you could've only seen him. I'll do my best to remember to take a picture of him tomorrow. He is precious.

But while he was the picture of sweetness and delight in his mother's arms, once placed in mine (in order to get used to me, of course), he would cry, cry, CRY!!

I felt horrible! :o(

He refused his pacifier, his bottle...everything I tried to soothe him was all in vain.

So I returned him to his mother's arms where he promptly, and most contentedly, fell asleep.


Once he woke up from his brief slumber, he was in better spirits.

And then his mother handed him to me again. We had a few minutes of peaceful conversation (me, talking to the back of his head while he gazed at his mommy), when I got the grand idea to turn him around and talk to him, face-to-face.

Big mistake. He furrowed his eyebrows in indignation, and let out a scream of protest.

(Boy, do I have the magic touch or what?!)

But rather than accept another round of defeat, I decided to try another tactic, and take the little lamb on a stroll about the house.

And...would you believe?...It worked!!! He immediately stopped crying and all was right again in his world. He'd gaze up at me from my shoulder with the most incredible pair of deep brown eyes, and I think I even saw the vague hint of smile on his wee rosebud mouth! :o)

But as the saying goes, all good things must come to an end. And after a few minutes, he began to wail once more.

This time, he refused any sort of comfort offered by yours truly, so I once again handed him back to his mother (who was laughing at this time--ahem). It really was all quite comical.

He quickly calmed down (of course) and seemed to smile softly at me--from a distance. As long as he had his mother, I had his approval.

Thankfully, his mother plans to bring him over every day for an hour or so for the remainder of the week. Hopefully that'll make Monday morning much easier on the both of us. ;o)

He is a gem of a baby, however. Absolutely exquisite! (I love babies, can you tell?)

Later in the afternoon, after the baby had left, we were blessed by a visit from our friends, The Boe's. Nathan and Alexandria are two of Ethan and Abby's dear friends from Awana, and their mother Rachel has become a good friend of mine as well.

We have a few things in common, like the fact that our wedding anniversaries are one day apart (her's is before mine). And she and her husband have been married 10 years to my and Dean's 9 years.

Nathan and Alex's birthdays are in November. So is my son, Ethan's.

Rachel is a former Awana Cubbies leader...so am I. And we both home school and are avid scrapbookers. ;o) Nifty, eh?

So anyway, the children all had a wonderful time playing "Kids Club", playing on the swingset and ending their time together with a round of Hide 'n Seek.

By the time they left, Dean was due home. (Perfect timing!)

We ran through the house, cleaning up the last of the clutter and stray toys, and then I quickly dashed into the bathroom to fix my face (a girl has her priorities!).

So that's been my day. Oh yes, and I did have a Schwan's delivery, too. Forgot about that.

And after dinner (which is just about done--chicken enchiladas--YUM!), we're heading over to the Mall so Sierra can buy the new High School Musical 2 soundtrack (gag).

I think I might stop inside Border's to see what sort of scrumptious literary treasures I can buy with the last $12 of my birthday gift card. (Hee hee)

Hope you all had a pleasant day!

PS: Speaking of literary treasures, I borrowed a book from our library titled, "Tea with Jane Austen" by Kim Wilson. I'm thoroughly enjoying this book! It is filled with such wonderful information and history. Here is a quote from Booklist about it, available from Amazon.com:

"Among Jane Austen's many attractions for the modern reader are the comfortable domestic details that furnish her novels, and what could be more comforting than tea? Tea was not just a beverage in Austen's time, but a key ingredient in social ritual, and her letters and novels are full of references to its buying, preparing, serving, and drinking. In this book, readers will find not only plenty of tea-related Austen quotes, but a well-researched history of Austen-era tea drinking at different times of day and in different settings. Recipes taken from contemporary cookbooks for old-fashioned delicacies such as orange jelly and syllabub are accompanied by modern adaptations. Austen purists may cringe at the emphasis on cozy charm, but there's definitely something appealing about settling down with a nice cup of Earl Grey, a Bath cake, and a copy of Pride and Prejudice. Perfect for Austen-reading book clubs."

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