Friday, August 31, 2007

Rachelina Mia Bambina

Yesterday marked a HUGE milestone in our was Rachel's last "official" day here. (She may come on Tuesday, but that's a big *maybe*.)

Rachel was my very first "honorary baby", and has graced our home with her laughter and sunshiny ways for the past 4 years. She will start kindergarten next week, something she's very much looking forward to, and I'm excited for her.

I've been blessed with the privilege of watching this peaceful, content-with-anything little baby grow into a silly, fun-loving and articulate little girl. She and my children have a special bond that I hope will never fade as they grow older.
While she will still spend all of her days off from school here, one thing is certain...our home will not be the same without her daily hugs, giggles, and constant asking for chocolate. ;-}

I love you, Rachelina mia bambina. Have fun at school. (And I miss you already.)
Please view Rachel's video below. I originally made it for her parents last Christmas, but I'm including it now as I felt that it expresses my feelings for her far better than words alone.
Be sure to pause the blog's music on the left, as the sounds will overlap.

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