Tuesday, August 7, 2007


It took many months of prodding on behalf of my sister, Desiree` but I finally registered for SparkPeople.com, an online fitness community.

SparkPeople.com offers many fun, motivating services--all 100% free! You start by creating your own profile, where you enter your fitness and nutritional goals. Whether you have a lot or a little bit to lose, doesn't matter. There is something for everyone there.

My personal favorites are the calorie counters (consumed and burned) and weight loss trackers. I also like how you can post to the various message boards, meet new friends who're in the same "boat" as you, watch a workout video, or read fitness and nutrition articles (I haven't tried any of their recipes yet, but some of them even appeal to Miss Picky Me!).

I'm utilizing SparkPeople in hopes that it helps me maintain my focus, and not get so off-track (as I've been in recent months) with my eating. I've gained a few pounds which is never a good thing. But thankfully, it's only a "few" that can, with effort and motivation, be lost.

If you sign up for SparkPeople, please be sure to add me as a friend. I'd love to see you!

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