Monday, August 27, 2007

Those Wonderful Calderon Ladies

Yesterday, the family and I ventured to Trader Joe's for a bit of grocery shopping. While we were there, we were pleasantly surprised to see Miss Cristina Calderon, baby sister to our dear friends, Amanda and Lisa Marie.

Like her sisters (and everyone else in her family), Tina is truly lovely in form and in personality. I honestly can't recall ever knowing a family more dear than the Calderon's. Everyone just radiates the love and grace of God so beautifully, and their humor and wit make the dullest of days bright.

They are filled with a genuine warmth and honesty that is so rare.

And Tina seemed to "sparkle", despite being a bit tired as she'd just come from her other job. Just like her mother and sisters, her "sparkle" wasn't contrived. It just "was".

My hope is that I raise my two daughters to be half as amazing as Daniel and Sylvia raised their three.

You are all so loved, and I'm thrilled to call you my friends. (((HUGS)))

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