Saturday, September 8, 2007

Congratulations, Chaz and Michelle!

Today was our dear friend, Michelle and Chaz's wedding. It was by far, one of the most beautiful weddings I've ever had the pleasure of attending...Here are the lovely details. ;-)

It was held outside in the courtyard of the Two Union Square building in downtown Seattle. The weather was just perfect for an outdoor wedding---sunny with a light breeze, but absolutely no sign of rain! (A rare treat in our neck of the woods.)

Prior to the big event, Dean and I accompanied Michelle and her merry bridal party upstairs for a quick gulp of wine to calm the nerves (not my nerves, but I still tagged along for the fun).

Michelle, me and Sheila (boy, do I need a tan or what?!)

After that, we all made our way back downstairs to the courtyard to await the Bride's grand entrance.

Michelle was positively radiant in her rose colored sheath, and her bridesmaids (sister, Debra and best friend, Sheila) were the picture of loveliness in their aqua-hued dresses.

Here comes the bride....

The ceremony was officiated by their pastor, Mr. Jonathan Burgess, who I felt did a wonderful job at conveying just how beautifully God had orchestrated this event.

He mentioned "The List" that Michelle had made several months ago, where she laid out everything she wanted in a husband. Later, the two would meet via Craig's List (of all places--grins).

As Pastor Burgess said, "Michelle had her list...and Chaz had Craig's List!"
But seriously. The Lord really answered Michelle's prayers when He brought Chaz into her life. Chaz is a wonderful man full of life, love, patience, and compassion with a strong work ethic, fantastic culinary capabilities and like Michelle, is a single parent to a young daughter (Ava). But the greatest of Chaz's attributes is his love for the Lord.

Anyway...Back to the wedding!

I shed more than a few tears during the course of the ceremony; as Michelle walked down the aisle and during the vows, but I really wept with joy when Chaz stood and made vows to both Abbey (Michelle's daughter) and Ava.

He vowed to love them both equally, and to stand by their sides all the days of their lives. He promised to encourage them in "whatever brings them happiness", and committed himself to being a shining example for them to look up to.

After he spoke these vows, he presented each girl with a lovely silver cross necklace. (Toooooo sweet!)

Finally, it was time to kiss the bride. And oh, what a kiss it was!! They've been looking forward to this, and it was so beautiful to be there to witness it. The kiss seemed to last *forever*, and of course, the whole crowd cheered and laughed with delight.

The kiss...

The Tornetta Family

The reception was held upstairs in one of the large conference rooms (on the 51st floor!), and the spread of food was incredible. Large platters filled with seafood concoctions, meats, breads and pasta dishes, and a constant flow of wine, champagne and sparkling cider (for us non-alcoholic beverage types!--ahem).

And no large 3-tiered cake at this event. Oh instead boasted a selection of cheesecakes, fit for a royal feast!

And the view from that oh-so-high-up 51st floor, overlooking the bustling city below, was truly breathtaking. (As you can see in some of the photos.)

There were of course, several thoughtful toasts made to the newlyweds, which were followed by a beautiful photo montage presentation (similar to the videos I made below) of Chaz, Michelle, their daughters and their friends. It was titled, "Something Beautiful", and it really, really was. (And yes, I cried through the whole thing!)

Dean and I, just prior to the toasts. Sorry the pic is blurry, but hey--Dean's in a SUIT!

After that, it was time for the Bride and Groom's first dance, a sweet Father-Daughter dance(Awww....) and then the floor was "open" for everyone who cared to "cut a rug". ;-)

Michelle's father danced with both her and Abbey...isn't that sweet?

I think Dean took more photos than the professional photographer hired for the event! Ha! My man's one hippy-happy shutter bug, let me tell you! But if it wasn't for him, I wouldn't have all these fabulous photos to share with all of you. (Or the remaining 190...Ahem)

The final fabulous moment of the day came when Michelle "tossed" her bouquet. Instead of the traditional, over-the-shoulder gentle toss to the waiting crowed of single friends, Michelle *hurled it* like a professional baseball player at her friend, Tammy. (Ha ha!) It was hilarious!!! I couldn't believe she did that.

Winding up for the pitch...

And then, Tammy's beau apparently didn't see it happen, so Michelle gladly did it again--the exact same way! Everyone roared with laughter. It was great!

So there you have it. All the important details (complete with photos) of this most beautiful occasion.

Congratulations once again, Mr. and Mrs. Tornetta! May all your dreams come true....

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