Sunday, September 23, 2007

A Day of Beauty

Last Friday, we took the girls to Ulta for a free makeover using my preferred brand, Bare Escentuals.

Initially it was only supposed to be Sierra's makeover--and believe me, this did NOT sit well with Abby. However, I was able to appease her by promising that when she was "a big girl" like Sissy, she could have her makeup done, too.

However, after the sweet young lady did up Sierra's face, she asked Abby if she'd like hers done, too. Wasn't that nice???

Of course, Abby being---well, Abby--it took a bit of prodding and then me hopping up in the chair to get my lips painted before she consented. (When we all knew darn well she wanted to in the first place!)
As you can see, the results were lovely--subtle, not too over-done, and just the right touch to make my already very pretty girls sparkle! :-)

Two beautiful sisters

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