Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Dean's Surgery

For those of you not directly in my address book, and thus aware of the current news, my husband Dean has to have surgery on his neck for pinched nerves.

The doc wants to perform what's called "spinal fusion", where 3 of his discs (cushiony material between the vertebrae) would be removed; then a piece of bone from either his hip or lower back would be removed and then grafted into his neck to fuse the vertebrae together.

This is a major surgery, and a significantly painful one to recover from.

The side effects would be huge; he'd no longer be able to move his neck very well at all. In fact, he would have to turn his entire body around to see behind him.

He'd be in a hard neck brace for several weeks, followed by more time in a soft collar after that. He would have to take at least 2 weeks off of work to recover and figure out some way to do his job thereafter--without the ability to move his head at all.

We're both quite upset about this as you can imagine, and are asking you all out there in cyberville for prayer. We need wisdom to know whether to seek a 2nd opinion, just "deal with the pain", or go through with the surgery.

All of this in hopes of curing the pain of the pinched nerves that plague him 24/7.

The office's "surgical scheduler" is due to phone us in the next day or two to set up the surgery date, which will still be a few weeks out.

If anyone has any experience with this procedure--good, bad or indifferent, please leave a comment with your advice.

And if we come to mind, please say a prayer for our wisdom and peace--especially for Dean. He needs it right now.

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