Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Homeschool is Back in Session!...

Much to my and Ethan's delight, and much to the girls' dismay. (Ha!) ;-]

Sierra's enrolled in grade 6 at the Jubilee Academy. This is our (I think?) 3rd year with Jubilee. So far, so good. She received top scores on her standardized tests this past summer, so I'm pretty confident in the program's academia (and her brains too, of course).

Ethan and Abby continue the majority of their work through Time4Learning, as well as using various workbooks from the stack on our "school book" shelf.

We plan to incorporate a few lapbooks into our studies this year as well.

The only tricky part is coordinating schoolwork with daycare. :-{ It can get downright NUTS around here sometimes, which makes it hard to balance lessons with the needs of four children under the age of 2.

(Anyone out there with similar situations, please advise!)

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