Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The Myth of the Perfect Family

I found this wonderful post on Stacy McDonald's blog this morning. It really touched me as I prepared for my day, and gave me plenty of food for thought. Here's a brief excerpt:

Don’t make the mistake of elevating anyone else to perfection status either. The family you’ve put up on a pedestal more than likely didn’t ask to be put there and won’t be very pleased when they feel themselves crash to the floor after you discover for yourself they are fallible humans, just like the rest of us. No matter what it looks like from your vantage point, the people in the family you’ve idolized still sin, the children aren’t perfect, the mom sometimes says unkind things, the father speaks in sinful anger from time to time, and their family creates messes that have to be cleaned, just like yours does.

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