Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Of Happiness and Whine

I'm sitting on the couch using my laptop that I've never ever used before. It takes some getting used to, these newfangled laptop thingies. But anyway....

Our family is puppy-sitting for our friend's Amanda and Julianah's beloved pooch, Sir Israel. He's an adorable Yorkie puppy who's incredibly fiesty and all-around delightful. We feel so very blessed to have him in our home for the next three weeks. He's such a joy!

Julianah, just so you know...Izzy's doing very well. Abby, Ethan and Sierra have been taking excellent care of him. He's been alternating his time between Abby's room and the backyard, of which he thoroughly enjoys.

We've placed a baby gate in the hallway which keeps Cassie away from him...he's perfectly safe.

He didn't cry once last night and I woke up to his barking at Abby while playing with her on her bed.

He's eating, drinking and going to the potty very well. He's being a very good boy and says to tell you that he loves and misses you.

And now...onto the whining portion of this post.

I started feeling like I was getting a bladder infection yesterday, so I was careful to consume mass quantities of cranberry juice, like I always do, when this situation presents itself. However, in the wee hours of morning (1am to be exact), I awoke with such horrendous pain in that "area", I wanted to cry.

After pounding two large glasses of juice, I hobbled into the bathroom and nearly screamed as I tried to "go".

This process continued until 3:45am when Dean had to get up for work. At this point, I'd only had three hours of sleep and was in such horrid pain...then the nausea hit. I flew back into the bathroom where I did the inevitable, and dragged my shaking, chilled bones back into bed, uttering my now famous line, (which my sister gets a kick out of every time I utter it), "I hate my life."

(Think about the movie, Beaches and the scene where Bette Midler is dressed as a rabbit for her job as a singing telegram deliverer. Just as she places the rubber rabbit nose on, she utters in a very depressed tone, "I hate my life." Its actually quite funny in that context.)

So anyway, Dean decided after hearing me wretching in the bathroom, that he'd call in to work and stay home with me. Of course, this was on the condition I'd go into the doctor's, something I *rarely do* and generally try to avoid at all cost. (Sigh)

I had to phone my daycare parents and let them know that I was in no condition to babysit today (which I feel bad for doing as I know its a huge inconvenience to them). But honestly, when you can't even stand fully upright...well, you get the idea.

The doc later confirmed that I indeed had a "severe bladder and kidney infection" (duh), and handed me a Rx for antibiotics. Lovely.

What's funny in a non-humorous but rather an odd coincidence sort of way, is that I had just been complaining to Amanda about my lack of scheduled hours this week at Gymboree, and she said to look on the bright side; only the Lord knew what sort of things would come up this week, and I might need that time off to care for sick children or something.

Funny, no?

Oh yes, and this is all on top of coming down with a cold. Lovely...juuuuuuust freakin' ducky.

At least I have precious little Israel here to brighten my weary confinement. He makes everything better. :-)

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