Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Of Pride & Prejudice

Dean and I (finally) were able to sit down and enjoy "Pride and Prejudice" last night, after a 2 week wait. (We rented it from NetFlix, but haven't had time to watch it with my work schedule.)

I cannot convey how truly wonderful the film was. In fact, it is now poised to become my favorite Jane Austen film. (Second only to Sense and Sensibility.)

Keira Knightley did a fantastic job as Elizabeth Bennet, and I found myself in awe over everything the movie had to offer--the surroundings, the palatial backdrops, romance, humor, wit and sarcasm. (I even took the liberty of imagining my daughter's marrying in one of the fabulous "estates" shown in the film, or else marrying someone who *lives* in such a place.)

P&P more than made up for the disappointment with "Emma", and I'm so glad we were finally able to watch it.

I just may have to purchase the DVD of it and S&S sometime in the future. ;-)

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