Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Bubba Noodles & Kenna Wenna

Check out the fairly recent pics of my honorary babies, Porter (aka Bubba Noodles) and McKenna (Kenna Wenna). Porter, McKenna and their parents moved to Nevada a year ago. We miss them all terribly!
Bubba and Kenna Wenna are two of the most splendid children you'd ever hope to meet. They're both very charming, with smiles that light up the darkest sky. Their infectious giggles still ring in my ears.

I started watching Porter when he was a wee 3 mos old. He'll be 3 years old in January. (How time flies.)
McKenna would come during non-school days and during vacations. She and Abby were like bread 'n butter for months, playing dress up and dolls all day long. (And bossing the boys around...but that's part of being a girl, right?)

As you can see, they are beautiful children and I just had to show them off to ya'll. ;-]
Guys, if you're reading this...We love and miss you!!!!!! Thanks for the pictures.

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