Monday, October 29, 2007

I'm Officially "Old"

The other day, whilst digging in the backyard, Ethan and Abby unearthed a piece of buried treasure. Thinking that their find must be "antique", they raced into the house to inform me of their fabulous find.

A little burned out light bulb. Like maybe from an old string of Christmas lights or something.

So anyway, inside they rush, bursting with excitement.

"Mom!" Ethan exclaimed. "Look what we found!"

Just as I'm about to say something Mommy-Cheesy like, "Oooh, good job Buddy!" my son pops out with a real zinger.

"Me and Abby think it's from the 80's because it looks really, really old. Maybe we could take it to Antiques Road Show or something."

Good golly!!!! The 80's?! Antiques Road Show?!

Once I regained my composure, I informed my precious mis-informed son that there would be no antiquing today, and that the 80's weren't *THAT* long ago....ugh!

Ok, so maybe they were.

But still...! (Gasp, shock, horrors)

Sigh. Oh well. I guess this is payback from the time when I asked my mom if they had cars back when she was a kid. Or if she went to school with Laura Ingalls.


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