Monday, November 19, 2007

My Sister's Family Photo

Clockwise from top: Brother in law Jack, my sister Desiree`, Tyler, Alex (center) and Christian

This photo was taken last year, and my goofy sister just NOW sent it to me. We don't call her "Dizzy Desi" for nothing. :-}

But dizziness aside, isn't my sister gorgeous!? She not only got all the looks in the family, but she got all the height as well! (She stands at a statuesque 5' 6" while I'm a piddly rodent at 5' 2". And she NEVER lets me forget it, either. Humph.) And in this photo, her hair is one color and below her ears--a very rare sight indeed.

And check out Auntie's boys...aren't they just absolutely dashing? Rivaling that of even Mr. Darcy or Colonel Brandon? Or Willoughby perhaps? (Sigh) I miss them so much. :-(

And, finally my brother in law....


...There must be something good about him. (Ha ha!!!)

Just kidding, Jack! You know I love you. And yes, you look great as well. ;-)

May the L-rd continue to bless you all and keep you safe. I love you.

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