Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Something Stinky This Way Comes

Now before I begin my rant about the day's events, I must first share with you all who don't know me very well, that I'm a HUGE anti-stink type of person.

By this I mean I;
~Use tons of Carpet Fresh before each vacuuming
~Wash laundry every single day and wash bedding 3 days/week
~Spray Febreez and other deodorizers on furniture/carpeting and anywhere else I deem necessary
~Burn scented candles throughout the day
~And I air out the house each morning, no matter what the temperature is outside.

So today really threw me into a tizzy! First it was the dog, with her horrendous odor permeating the atmosphere with nasty funkiness.

She got a bath right after I laid the twins down for their morning nap, and I threw her stinky bed into the washer on "Ultra Clean".

Then later, all 3 daycare children decided to poop their britches at the exact same time.

UGH!!! The smell from that was overpowering, and to top it off--our Schwan delivery driver arrived just at that moment.


Later on, I was graced with another pootie incident, this time by Alison alone. Upon hearing her wake from a short afternoon nap, I entered the room and was immediately "greeted" by the smell; and her yelling/screaming, while holding her hands in front of her in horror.

Not only had she pootied, she'd decided to examine the contents of her diaper.

GROOOOOOSSSSS!!!!!!!!! (Gag, choke, gasp)

The entire playpen had to be washed down; blankets tossed into the washer including the pillow. Everything reeked, even if there were no signs of poo on them.

And since she didn't exactly smell like a rosebud either, into the tub she went for a very necessary bath.

My goodness gracious, and wouldn't you know it? Being the baby she is, I think she may have actually put her hands into her mouth with pootie on them! Every time she made a sound, her breath would nearly knock me out.

(Double gag!!!)

So I did what I had to do...I fetched the unopened extra toothbrush I had been saving for her cousin, Rachel (for those times when she sleeps over), smeared a very scant bit of toothpaste across it, and SCRUBBED her little teeth (which she surprisingly let me do without any complaint).

The things you have to do to get rid of butt breath.


What a day, folks. What a day!

Almost makes me glad I have to work at Gymboree tonight. :-}


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