Monday, December 31, 2007

~ 2008 Resolutions, Etc. ~

Yes, I know it's best to not even mention your New Year's Resolutions because if you fail, no one will know but you.

However, that disclaimer aside, I will share my family's resolutions with the world.


  • To develop definition in my arms, back, stomach and legs. (Ok, so I have a tiny bit in each area, but I want it to be noticeable-- without me having to stand in really good lighting and sucking it in, or otherwise making a total dork out of myself.)

  • To fall more deeply in love with the Lord each and every day. (I probably should've put that up at the top, huh?)

  • To worry less, and pray more. (Tall order, trust me!)

  • To write a book of my life; particularly all the things that God brought me out of in order to bring me to Himself. (There, Dean...I'm finally going to do it.)

Dean: To lose weight; in particular to say goodbye to "George" (his tummy)


  • To finish writing the third installment of her "Candy Girl & Monkey Boy" series and start the fourth.
  • To spend less time on the computer and more time cuddling with Alison.

Ethan: To get taller.

Abby: Doesn't know what "resolutions" means. And after a brief explanation, didn't have any.

Moving on...

Earlier today, Dean and I took the kids to see, "Alvin & the Chipmunks". We received gift cards to the movies from Kelvin's parents for the holidays, and at a cost of $35 for the 5 of us to even get through the dang door (!!!), they were a very welcomed treat indeed.

Surprisingly, we all really enjoyed the movie. I initially had my doubts as most "childhood friends re-hashed" often disappoint me, but this time I was quite impressed. Dean was too, which is amazing considering he was never really into the chipmunks like my sister and I were. (To be fair, he IS 6 years older than me...and his mother didn't own all the chipmunk albums as ours did! Ha!)

The kiddies of course, had a wonderful time munching on $25 worth of popcorn and soda (and as ya'll know, that's not counting for much of either refreshment), with their eyes bright with eager anticipation over what those silly fur balls would do next.

Here it is, pushing 10pm, and I've finally managed to get 98% of the cleaning done for today. (Including all the laundry, dog bathing, kid bathing, bathroom scrubbing, vacuuming, dusting, and window washing.)

After all, this was--as Dean so boisterously proclaimed as I started to mop the kitchen--the, "Last cleaning of 2007, Bay-Beeeee!!! Woo hooo!!"

Now all that is left to do is fold the last bit of laundry when it's finished drying, sit back, relax, watch the big ball drop, try in vain to calm our dog as the fireworks start going off, and then do my best to get any decent amount of sleep before 4 am as aforementioned fireworks are being launched continuously---courtesy of the insane individuals living one street up.

(I'm telling you, these people shoot fireworks off on every single postal and banking holiday! Christmas Day? Oh yes. Thanksgiving? Yup! Labor Day? You betcha! I'm sure I heard a few on Memorial Day as well.)

So, happy new year to all my friends. May 2008 bring you all abundant health, prosperity, safety, peace, friendship and love for you and your families.

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