Monday, December 17, 2007

For Me?!

This weekend, Dean gave me two wonderful gifts. The first was the complete collection of Jane Austen novels (all 7 of 'em!) in one hefty book, and the other was the new Gwen Stefani CD, The Sweet Escape.



(Sorry, couldn't resist...)

Back to my story.

I was really surprised that Dean would buy me anything, as we haven't exchanged gifts in years. But he said I never buy myself anything, and he wanted to do something nice for me. :-)

(And here I figured he was in line at Borders to buy yet another Grateful Dead something-or-other.)

I'm pleased to report that I'm nearly half-way through reading "Sense & Sensibility", and am enjoying every minute of it. And I must admit, that I only like 3 songs on the entire CD. Oh well. The rest are just too weird for me.

But what a nice hubby I have! ;-]

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