Friday, December 28, 2007

I Want a Happy New Year

I'm tired of 2007. Here we're only days away from another year's completion, and I just want the darn thing over 'n done with.

Yes, the Lord brought me through some very trying times this year, of which I'm very, very thankful for. I wouldn've have gotten this far without Him.

And yet...I just want a happy year. I want 2008 to be smooth and trouble-free (Ha ha!). I don't want anyone I know and care about to die. I want everyone to get or remain healthy. I want to not freak out every time the mailman delivers another bill. I want for all my friends to have a happy year as well. I want their troubles to be removed far from them.

I know that in this life--in this world--there will be pain, there will be hardship. I just want a break from it.

And yet...

When I think of all the "crap" (for lack of a better word), that the Lord has brought me through over the years---and believe me, there's been a LOT---I'm nearly reduced to tears at His goodness toward me.

He's taught me to rely on Him; to lean on His strength, while at the same time strengthening me in spirit and fortitude.

Who else but the Lord could've seen me through my darkest hours? The Lord alone nudged me out of the darkness, gently and lovingly. And sometimes very abruptly. ;-)

He brought me through the pain of loss and grief, financial hardships, and physical ailments.

None of these things went away completely, nor was I allowed to "turn back the clock" and do things differently. (Wouldn't that be something?) But He did get me through them all. And through them, He's allowed my perspective, my heart, and attitude to change.

It reminds me of what my Daddy often says during hard times; "We're Dooleys...We're strong. We're fighters. There ain't nothin' thrown at us that we can't handle!"

So, even though I'm ready to be "done" with 2007, I know that 2008 won't be a cake walk, either.

But the Lord will see me through each and every thing--good or bad-- that He allows to come into my life, for the solitary goal of fulfilling His purposes in me while I live.

So Lord....please forgive my whining.

And bring it on.

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