Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Magazines at the Checkout Counter and "Look at Your Shoes!"

I really don't like the magazine racks at the checkout stands. Their obnoxious headlines (of which I'll refrain from quoting as I know we've all seen them) just scream, "READ ME!" to anyone who's learned basic phonics.

Cosmopolitan is my personal favorite. (Ahem)

And since my youngest daughter, Abby loves to read (in fact, so does my oldest and my son can read but doesn't always care to)...we've had to take stronger measures to shield their little eyes from the wordy onslaught.

I usually just stand in front of them, blocking their view whereas Dean will just out-right flip them around backwards.

Laughing, Abby asked the other night, "Daddy why do you keep flipping that magazine backward?"

"So you don't read it," came his matter-of-fact reply.

She glanced back toward the Cover Girl cosmetics ad now staring at her, a puzzled expression on her face. But she let any questions in her mind go.

And my goodness, I had train him early on to "Look at your shoes" whenever an immodestly dressed lady/girl came strolling by (especially in the summer time).

Or whenever something inappropriate would flash across the TV screen (GROAN!!!).

In fact, I've got him so well trained now that he immediately ducks his head whenever we pass by Victoria's Secret! ;-)

I don't want my son to be tempted toward lust, and as his mother, it's my job to raise him to be the very best future husband possible. (Especially since I believe he's going to be a preacher!)

So, if he's in the habit of "looking away" now, hopefully it'll stick when he's an adult. And my future daughter-in-law won't have to worry about my son's eyeballs wandering where they shouldn't. ;-)

And my daughters don't need to fill their heads with any of the crap those magazines dish out, either.

Society sure gives us plenty of opportunity to "train" our children, doesn't it? (Sigh)

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