Tuesday, December 25, 2007

My Mother is Insanely Infatuated with Josh Groban!

I'm not kidding you. She loves....completely, head-over-heels, 100% LOVES Josh Groban. It is so funny to listen to her gush over that man. She absolutely reminds me of a little school girl swooning over her first crush.

To hear her tell it, he is the most beautiful man ever created in the history of the world.

Nevermind the fact that he's younger than either of her daughters.

However, I agree that his VOICE is a wonder to behold, and routinely listen to him croon as I go about my day. I just don't see what she sees in him on a physical level. But that's ok, too. To each their own. ;-)

So earlier this evening, whilst perusing the Josh Groban website and chatting with his #1 fan over the phone (ahem), I was reminded of a video I'd made for my mother for her birthday last year. So I've decided to post the video for ya'll to see below.

The opening and closing photos in the video are of my sister and I (in case you couldn't tell); and...I'm the cute one. (Heehee)

Be sure to pause the music on the left side bar, otherwise it'll overlap. So for all you "Grobanites"...Enjoy!

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