Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Party Pics!

* Some of the pics get bigger if you click on them...and for some odd reason, others do not. *

This year's birthday theme was "Mexican Fiesta!" And what a fiesta it was!!!!

Tres Leches Cake! Oooh la la!

Sierra, the lovely hostess. Our haircuts are now nearly identical, which really makes the poor girl look like her mother. (Sorry, Sierra...ahem)

Elijah, looking oh-so suave.

Elijah with his proud Daddy, Anvar.

Rachel, reaching out for another hug from me. (She gives some of the greatest hugs...LOVE EM!)

Blowing out the two candles I could find. Somehow "candles" didn't make it onto my shopping list. Oops! :-{

Oh Sierra...it is SO YOU!

Amanda, defending herself against her sister, Lisamarie. (Not really, but that's the way it looks.)

Abby and Julianah giving Israel puppy kisses.

We want cake!!! We want cake!!!

Rachel, enjoying her LARGE slab of cake.

Ethan and Rachel, Jedi Masters! (Hopped up on sugar!)

Present time! Gift card to Starbucks, a Hannah Montana doll and new clothes--woohoo!

Abby wearing Daddy's Disco Muppet Pimp hat. (Sigh...She is SO her father's child.)

Lindsey, modeling Dean's wild muppet hat.

Then later, Lindsey dumped a packet of Skittles into her mouth...and choked. :-} I had to laugh at that one. Heehee! (Ahem! Sorry, Lindsey.)

Lights out, everyone! Try not to wake me up, ok? ;-)

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