Thursday, January 17, 2008

I'm Not Getting Sick, I'm Not Getting Sick, I'm Not...

I figure if I say that little mantra over 'n over 'n over 'n over 'n over 'n over again, then surely I won't get sick. I will instead, be a portrait of vibrant health!

So with that in mind, I shall now tell myself that:

  • my head does not have that oh-so-familiar tingly sensation that you can only get with the onset of a cold.

  • I really do want to eat and drink normally, even though the thought is repulsive.

  • I don't feel too tired to workout today.

  • My head is not pounding.

Hey, who knows? It just might work! And if it does work, well by all means, allow me to tell myself other things like:

  • My hips aren't really 35 inches around (they're much smaller in reality. The tape measure's off).

  • I can eat ice cream without bodily retaliation in the form of giant zits and stomach cramps. (Me? Lactose intolerant? Nah!)

  • My pants aren't really the size listed on the tag. In fact, I'm 2 sizes smaller.

  • I'm not built like a football-player-butch-girl. I just have really well-toned shoulders.

(Yeah, right)

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