Monday, January 14, 2008

My Dashing, Debonair Nephews (and friends)!

Aren't they just TOOOOOOO CUTE?! I have no idea who the other two children in the photo are (I'm assuming friends of theirs), but they all look simply fantastic in their little suits! (*Squeal!*)

This fine occasion was my sister's friend Rosita's daughter's 11th birthday. (Gagging on all the words) (Yup, 11th birthday.) Rosita apparently went ALL OUT, and ordered a limo to whisk the children to the party in utmost class and style. (Again...11th birthday.)

I can't remember what all else Desi said the party would entail, but my goodness, this Auntie can't get over how completely dashing her boys look!

(My nephews are the 3 on the left--Tallest: Tyler, Middle-Man: Christian, Short-Stuff: Alexander.)

Hey, Sis...if you EVER happen to read this (as I'm painfully aware at how irregularly you read your one-and-only-sister's blog because you're a total butthead-nerd-face), who are these children, and what are their names????

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