Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Oh, My Poor Achin'...

RUMP! (And legs, and shoulders, and abs...)

(Weren't expecting that now, were ya?--Hee hee)

I've been doing different workouts this week and I can really FEEL the difference.

Now, as everyone who knows me knows that I normally use "The FIRM" workouts, which I dearly love. But my body has apparently grown quite used to the videos I have, so it was time to spice things up a bit and shock my body into a new level of fitness. (Gee, I watch WAAAY too many exercise programs! Who talks like that, anyway?! Sheesh...)

But seriously, I had to do something as I wasn't feeling anything or seeing any new results. Enter ExerciseTV, courtesy of OnDemand. (Insert polite applause here)

I've been rotating between "Ballet Strength", "Big Day Boot Camp", "Cardio Blast (or something like that?), "Bikini Body" (one can dream, right?), and a few others that I can't recall right now.

So today when I woke up, I felt so stiff and sore from yesterday's round of B.B. and B.D.B.C., that I decided to be kind to myself and use Ballet Strength and a pilates video.

Ahhh....It felt so good to just stretch and lengthen out my muscles, versus going all-out again with the weights. Some days you just have to cut back a wee bit, you know? ;-)

I'm still feeling sore, but it'll pass (hopefully by tomorrow!) and I can get back to my new regular workout program.

All of this in a narcissistic attempt to show off during our family vacation to San Diego this summer with the in laws...

(Hey, when your sister in law is a living Barbie doll, and the whole "in law" side of the family resides in California, where at any moment you could run into one of your husband's ex-girlfriends---you do what you can to keep from looking like a brunette "Chunky Frumpy Kelly" doll.)

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