Wednesday, February 6, 2008

"Hiyaah!" and "Plie` one...and two..."

We chose to enroll Sierra and Ethan in the Y.S. Lee Martial Arts School, where they are having a BLAST.

Mr. Lee truly has a heart for children, and his program--while disciplined and structured--is a lot of fun.

Mr. Lee is a fifth degree black belt (whoa, doggy!), which really helped us in our decision. In addition to learning taekwondo, Mr. Lee has an integrated "character development" program. In order for the students to test for their belts, they must first prove themselves at home, school and class.

Each child is given a Home Chore Chart to complete (30 days), a school behavior card to be filled in by their respected teacher, and a yellow behavior card to be filled in when they successfully complete their other charts. With each completion, the student receives a matching colored "stripe" on their belt. Earning all 3 colored stripes allows them to test for their belt. Neat, huh?

We were also pleased to note, that Mr. Lee recognized Dean immediatley from his former computer repair shop days. (Small world around here, what can I say? The man is recognized virtually everywhere--"Hey! You fixed my computer! Nice to see you, man!")

Abby's taking ballet lessons from my most dear-to-my-heart former teachers, Mrs. Judith Ross at Pacific Chamber Ballet.

Walking back into my former studio was like stepping back in time. Nearly everything was the same as before, including Judith. She still has the lovely carriage and teeny tiny figure of a former ballerina. ("Ahh..." I thought to myself, as I silently compared my figure to hers."So, that's what you look like when you never quit. *Sigh* Bummer for me.")
Moving on...Normally, I'd upload a bunch of pics to Blogger for all the world to see, but Blogger hates me this evening. So, instead I've decided to make new albums via Picasa (like the slideshow on the sidebar). They are as follows (double-click to view in a new window):

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