Saturday, February 16, 2008

A Big Day for Pookie

This afternoon, Abby got our permission to get her little ears pierced.

It's not that she was "not" allowed before, but rather we were worried that with her...umm...shall we say, "emotional" makeup, we didn't feel she'd be able to handle getting the second ear done. (If you catch my drift.) Sure, getting the first earring in is one thing; now ya gotta hold her down to get the second one!

But Abby surprised us all by holding herself together really well.

Not a tear/yelp/scream/cry escaped.

(But she DID request to hold DADDY'S hand during the procedure and not mine....the traitor.)
Afterward, she admitted that they did hurt, but that was it. It's not like she made me buy her a fake fur coat to soothe the pain. (Ahem)

Which is pretty cool, considering she inherited her spirited emotional responses from yours truly, and I insisted (through stormy tears and wailing tantrums) upon such a coat when my ears were thus savagely altered when I was her age.

But I digress.

Abby did great, and she now has sparkly pink "diamonds" shimmering on her dainty lobes. Now, if you'll excuse me, her Majesty would like some Tylenol for the throbbing in her ears.

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