Thursday, February 28, 2008

Know of Any Good Lesson Planners or Planners in General?

*A word of caution: I've been up since 3:30am, and therefore my thoughts are a tad jumbled right now. If I go off on more than one bunny trail, forgive me.*

I've been trying to get our homeschooling more organized (record keeping, schedules, and a place to keep the growing mountain of paperwork associated with it all). I've been using Donna Young's site for all the free calendar and schedule print-outs to place in my binder.

I'm a bonafide, "Type A" list-making kind of woman. ;o) I keep a notebook on the kitchen counter that I write the next day's To Do List in each night before bed (along with all sorts of notes scribbled in it).

Even though my list rarely varies, and I know exactly what to do each day (like oh, say...laundry!), there's just something about seeing everything written in ink, and checking it off as I go along that does my inner-control-freak good. (I'm sure there's a pill I could take for that, but I digress...)

My list is organized by catagory. For example, yesterday's list looked like this:

  • Workout-20 mins weights/30 cardio
  • Housework: laundry/vac/dust/windows/bathroom-scrub/sweep
  • Baths x3
  • Phone calls: dentists-insurance acceptance, availability, compare/Candice-add A's bang trim to S's hair appt.
  • Emails: Reply to M. re: playdate, Dean/Deb--re: August vacation dates
  • Mail/Bills: A-letter to J., E-letter to T./Ortho. paperwork-return--need ins. info/all remaining bills--budget, mail out!
  • E/A schoolwork:
  1. Math--beginning fractions/subtraction worksheet-timed drill
  2. Spelling--days of the week
  3. Lang. Arts--contraction practice-use cards for match up (he's=he is, etc.), two/to/too review, punctuation-question mark/period
  4. Geography--review continents, oceans, WA/OR/CA/ID/NV/Mexico/Canada, add new states-"4 corners", use pointer & wall maps for all
  • Dean--Roots site-add C. interview link
  • Taekwondo-4pm
  • Create Awana verse check-off list for book awards--8 wks left
  • Budget/Plan for Abby's birthday party

Now, not everything on the list gets done every single time. Life happens, and you have to adjust things accordingly. (I didn't get to the phone calls! Ugh!) This is something I have to constantly remind myself of, as I'm a slight perfectionist, and therefore, am prone to feeling guilty if everything isn't checked-off by the end of the day.

(Alert! You've just witnessed a bunny trail!)

But back to homeschool organization; I'd like to find some sort of lesson planner/record keeping book that I could use for E and A's assignments. However, I've yet to find one that I *absolutely just gotta have* , and that screams "YES! I will work for YOU, oh Miss Picky!" So, in the meantime, I continue to jot down their assignments in my notebook, staple and date their daily work together (along w/ any notes up at the top), and place the packets in their respective folders in the filing cabinet.

If anyone has any truly wonderful ideas, especially for organizing and storing previous assignments, or has a lesson planner they ADORE, feel free to pass them along. I'd appreciate it.

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