Thursday, February 21, 2008

Loony Over the Eclipse

Special applause goes to my hubby for taking these wonderful pics of last night's lunar eclipse. :o)

What a wonderful experience for the children---and us! We'd been looking forward to it all day, and discussed what happens during an eclipse during our school time.

Around 6:30pm, Dean announced that it was "happening". Woohoo! Everyone ran outside and just stared up at the night sky. ("Oooohhhhh....ahhhh....")

Then the reality of the temperature hit us, so the children and I darted back inside to grab the coats we forgot to throw on. (Brrrrr!!!) By the time the eclipse reached the "cool copper moment", my toes were completely numb with, what I swore at the time, was frostbite. (Dean insisted it was not cold...whatever!)

Anyway, it was an incredible sight and I'm very thankful to have been able to see and share it with my family.

To quote Abby, "That...was...totally...AWESOME!!!"

Oh this is sooooo exciting! (Even if it was freezing cold outside. Yes, it was too, Dean!)

Almost there!!!

Check it out, guys! The moon's gone! Woohoo!

Bummer....the moon's nearly back to normal. (Sigh)

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