Thursday, February 7, 2008

Mr. Clean--the 2nd (Because Junior sounds so hokey)

My Ethan is one neat 'n tidy little dude. He can't stand a mess. In fact, I never have to tell him to clean his room because he practially "spit-shines" it every single day.

Once when he was little, he waltzed through the kitchen and spied a lone fork in the sink. (I'd just eaten a bite of cake.) He stopped dead in his tracks, turned slowly toward me, and asked, "Mommy? When do you plan on doing the dishes?"

Like I said. He only asked me this...ONCE. For that was the day he learned to drag a chair up to the sink and wash dishes himself. (Humph!!)

You know, he totally reminds me of my father.

When I was a teenager, Daddy would vacuum the entire house, and then dump each garbage can (Even if there was only a gum wrapper in it!) Seriously, it drove me bonkers. There was no escaping it. Something somewhere constantly had to be cleaned! The sun could not set without the house looking perfect.

Now of course, I'm a cleaning nut, too. Perhaps not to the caliber of my father (my sister took care of that!), but I cannot relax in a messy house.

But back to Ethan...

This characteristic often leaves him feeling very un-brotherly toward his youngest sister, Abby, who is more--shall we say--"artistic" than "domestic". In her world, there is no mess. Only creative decorating. This is what drives him to frustration; her inability to see what's so clearly wrong to him.

I imagine his mental anguish goes something like this; "HOW can you NOT see it?! Clean it up! Clean it NOW! What's taking you so long?! Oh, what is that? Eeewww! That's disgusting!"

Her mental reply goes something like this; "I was making paper dolls but I got bored, so I pulled out all my real dolls instead. Then I found a bottle of pink glitter glue, and decided to make a picture. When I was done, there was only a teeny bit left. So, I squeezed it out into this napkin. Don't throw it away! I'm saving it! What are you talking about? What mess?"

(To be honest, I was NOT like Abby growing up. My sister was. Which is pretty interesting considering how you could probably eat out of her toilet now. She's got the Dad Clean down pat!)

And to prove to you just how *different* my children are, please allow these photos to illustrate.

Ethan's desk
Abby's Desk

Ethan's Bed

Abby's Bed

Ethan's Sock Drawer

(And I couldn't even GET Abby's drawer open!)

Pretty interesting, would you not agree?
Sierra also keeps things pretty clean, but she has to be reminded from time to time. Here is her photo "moment of truth":

Her Desk

Her Bed
And her vanity table. (Ahem...)

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