Thursday, March 6, 2008

A Day in Our Homeschool

Ethan received a box of foam letters yesterday from my mom, in the hope that it would help him with his spelling and writing. Anyone who knows Ethan, is familiar with the fact that he freaks out, breaks out in hives, and generally "melts" into a puddle of frustration whenever he has to do school in the traditional sense. Kinda like Dean way back when. But I digress.

Basically put, he can't stand writing, spelling or reading. It just goes against the "male" grain. But, be that as it may...the letters were a BIG hit. In fact, he proceeded to make up words with them for several minutes after spelling was done. Cool!

Math consisted of using the foam letters to make multiples. Ethan of course, caught on like grease lightning. (Math is sooo his thing!) He quickly realized that he had 5 rows of 3; therefore, he had 15 letters. He just progressed on his own from there.

For our Science project this week, I decided to dust off my copy of the book, "My Body" that I bought several years ago to use with Sierra. The idea is to trace your child's body onto a large sheet of paper, then photocopy the organ patterns to be placed onto the outline. (Pretty much a staple lesson among homeschoolers, from what I understand.)

When I did this lesson initially, the kids didn't take to it very well. I think they were probably too young for it at the time. But today went perfectly!

The book includes information sheets on each organ, which I read while the kids colored, cut and pasted everything down. It was fun and WAY more interesting than just reading about your innards.

We covered the brain, heart, kidneys, bladder, spleen, gall bladder and pancreas so far. We'll add the rest tomorrow. I have to get more ink for the printer first! (Oops)

The highlight of that project (for them, anyway) was talking about "pee". How long your bladder could hold pee, how much pee could be held at any given time, and finally how talking about it, made our bladders suddenly have to pee.

(How they were still able to insist upon lunch after that is BEYOND me!)

Then Abby got a kick out of the fact that her brain was, "so tiny and grey". She was under the impression that it was "bigger and pink". (Ahem) She giggled profusely as she wrote, "THIS IS MY BRAIN" across her paper.

Yup. That's my daughter, folks.

If any of ya'll care to join us tomorrow, you're more than welcome! :o) Just promise to call first.

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