Monday, March 3, 2008

Early Morning "Bunny Trail" Thoughts

I've got several things pinging around inside my brain this morning.

(Ha! Which reminds me; whenever I'm deep in thought, Dean will ask what it is I'm thinking about. My reply is usually, "Nothing". He scoffs and says, "That's just not possible!" Really, I'm not trying to be as rude as I come off, I just have sooo much in my head at once, it's hard to nail down *exactly* what I'm thinking about and formulate a decent reply.)

I'm very proud of my children. They've been studying very hard all week on their Awana verses in order to finish their books by the end of the year (last Sunday in April is the last official day of Awana). To be fair however, Ethan and Sierra have been...shall we say, *slacking off* just a tad (Ahem!!!), and as a result, have 28 sections to complete. Each.

For those of you familiar w/ Awana, that's a LOT...especially in the T&T group. So, when Ethan plowed through the entire 4th "Discovery" (which is 7 sections, with approx. 2-3 verses each section), plus Discovery 5.1 last night----I was THRILLED!

Abby completed 2 sections in both her "Red" and "Green" jewel sections, and earned 2 new jewels for her vest. (Woohoo!) And Sierra completed several sections that she initially didn't think she'd be able to do--and would've had more checked off, but they ran out of time. (Oops)

So, I'm doing the Happy-Mommy-Snoopy-Dance of joy! Yeeehaw!

And speaking of the children; namely Ethan and Abby; we're taking a detour from our usual "eclectic" way of doing school work. I have a large stack of left over curriculum from Sierra, that I either didn't use w/ her, or only partially used for one reason or another--every homeschooling mother out there can probably relate to that! Some of that is from Christian Light Education (CLE); specifically their worktexts for 3rd grade.

After going over everything with Dean (who really seemed confused by all of it, especially since I can't explain anything in a clear and concise way as I tend to shoot off in a dozen different directions, expecting him to fully keep up), WE (ahem) decided that WE (ahem-ahem) should order the first worktext in both 2nd grade Math and Language Arts, for each of them. Then, about every 3 weeks or so, we'll order the next and so forth, as the children need them. This will allow them to work up to the left over 3rd grade work I have sitting on the shelf.

CLE is incredibly economical ($2.75/each worktext), and I like the fact that even though it's "book work", the lessons are really short, and don't have a whole lot of writing involved. This (I hope) will make it a good fit for Ethan, who breaks out in hives if he has to hold a pencil longer than 3 minutes at a time. Abby should also do well w/ it, as she loves to write and plow through at her own (fast) pace for subjects she likes (spelling), yet take it slow when it comes to math (her least favorite subject).

Dean's working OT again this week--and quite possibly from here on out, if they don't hire some additional help in the Quality Assurance dept. where he's at. (Gulp) So people, 3:30 am just might end up being my/our "permanent" wake up time. (Joy)

Oh hey, check it out. My sister got a new dog. A two year old pomeranian originally named "Simba", but is now called "Sir Valentino" (like he's really going to come to that, after being called Simba for so long...but I digress).

Ain't he cute? Almost makes me want a dog of my own...almost. If I didn't have to potty train it that is, and he/she came with free vet visits for life.

A hearty congratulations goes out to Mrs. Stacy McDonald and family, on the birth of her FIRST grandchild! I love gazing at all the photos of baby Joshua; he is absolutely precious.

Having "known" Stacy for several years now, and watching her children grow up, makes me think of the day when I'll be a grandmother. (Insert wistful sigh here!)

Although I know (ok, hope) that that day is at least 7 years away, I can't help but think about how wonderful it will be. Especially since I know I'll be one of the most obnoxious grandmothers out there! Ha ha! (Kinda like my mom, but we won't go there.)

Then again, Dean will probably make sure I don't get too horrible. He's good for that.

In the meantime, I have to make sure my children don't marry anyone I despise (or is ugly...I have to have cute grandchildren, duh!).

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