Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Ethan's New "Eyes"

I'm a horrible mother.

No, really...I am!

Because for the first 9 years of my son's life, I had no clue that he was as blind as a bat.

I just assumed it was:
  • His allergies that affected his eyes beginning last Spring, inducing a weird/ odd/borderline annoying blinking habit. (*Blink...blink-blink*)
  • And, that it was his severe lack of interest (inherited from his father) in reading and writing, that produced such displays of frustration each day during school time.

But alas...it wasn't. (At least, not entirely.) He has, and I quote, "Extreme far-sightedness with a severe astigmatism". (That's just fancy-talk for, "blind-as-a-bat". Kinda like his mother. But I digress.)

So now, as you can see, my little man has a new set of sparkly, clear-visioned eyes. Yes, he has to wear them *all the time*, but surprisingly that doesn't bother him a bit. (Wow! How did I luck out there?! What a good kid!)

But enough of all that. My real point in all this is to ask/say....ISN'T HE CUTE?! ;o) (*Squeal*)

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