Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Feeling Like Shredded Beef...

My sister, (God bless her), told me about two new workouts she found on OnDemand by (the Bully) Jillian Michaels.

Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred sounds a bit intimidating, but I figured I was more than up to the challenge. Bring it on, Sistah!

Well...let me tell you. I was certainly put in my place by this 20 min workout.


Shred is a good word for it. I started to feel like I'd been put through a paper shredder by the end of the workout! (I'm hoping that after 30 days, I'll look chiseled and "shredded" in a good way.)

But, this is the type of workout I *need* to keep me motivated. Syrupy-sweet, "C'mon you can DO IT!" bouncy, perky trainers BUG me.

And make me roll my eyes. Which is rude.

But Jillian does not make me roll my eyes. Instead, she makes me want to growl at the TV. Which means that the exercises are effective.

So! If you want to really ramp up your routine, may I highly suggest checking out 30 Day Shred 1 and 2 (for the super ambitious).

Use them on alternating days, though. Don't be a bozo like me, and do them both in one day. You'll be sorry. Like I am.

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