Thursday, March 6, 2008

For the Record; I Hate Endometriosis

I have been in awful pain for the past week, thanks to the Endo Fairy.

My stomach is so swollen/bloated, it resembles a 5 month pregnancy. I'm trying hard not to walk around doubled-over, but that's kinda hard when it feels like you've been kicked by a wild donkey. And I can't sit down normally, because I'm one of the lucky ladies that have endo *on my tailbone*.

In addition to those joys, I've been having a hard time sleeping at night due to all the pain my guts are in. This of course, makes me want to throw my alarm clock when it goes off at 3:30am.

Now, I know I'm being a total whiner. After all, my poor hubby's suffering with the pain of pinched nerves in his neck (that require disabling surgery), and herniated discs in his back. He wears a cervical collar, pops pain pills that do next to nothing for him, and yet still goes to work every single day, drives his family hither and yonder, plays with the kids, and does everything else a good hubby's supposed to do. Without whining on a blog.

But I'm female, and therefore, prone to dramatic forms of expression, and take solace in whining--er, writing.

If you have no idea what Endometriosis is, here's a good link to read up on it.

Here's another good one that covers the myriad of symptoms. Just be sure to scroll down, as the page is rather lengthy.

Now that my endo has kicked itself into high gear, I'm back to eating raw food. With the exception of bread for my veggie sandwiches. (This is the only way I can eat, without writhing in agony for hours afterward.)

Oh, and chai. Have to have chai. Although, I'll have to limit myself to no more than one cup...RATS!

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