Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Happy Birthday, Abigail!

Today is our "baby's" 8th birthday. And in honor of this very special day, I want to share a bit of Abby's story with you.

Months before I became pregnant, the Lord told me that we were going to have another daughter, and I was to name her "Abigail". Now, at the time I didn't know what that name meant, or even why I felt like God wanted me to give her that name. I just *knew* it was to be.

So, one afternoon in a Costco parking lot I told Dean, "When we have another baby, I want to name her Abigail." He kinda looked at me funny, as he was busily loading everything into the car. We had baby Ethan in the front of the cart, and little Sierra climbing into her carseat.

"Sure honey, whatever you say. But what if it's a boy?"

"It won't be."

Fast forward a few months to mid-July. I just found out that I'm pregnant. The little pink line on the stick confirms it. I'm thrilled! But I know that Dean probably won't be. We're not exactly wealthy; in fact, we're barely making it now with two kids.

He's working full time, while I stay at home with Ethan and Sierra. There is nothing extra. We live in a two bedroom apartment, that we're quickly growing out of. We don't think we can possibly afford a 3 bedroom. I mean, have you seen the prices around here?

I'm scared at the thought of telling him, but too excited to keep it in. Later that night, after he came home from work, I break the news.

"Honey?" I begin sweetly, cuddling up next to him on the couch. "How much do you love me?"

"Very much," he replied, not looking up from Seinfeld.

"How much do you love our family?" I ask, in the same sweety-baby voice.

He started to say, "Very much" but stopped...faced me and said, "You're pregnant, aren't you?"

Busted. "Yesss..." I reply, sheepishly.

He sighed. He wasn't happy. At least, not outwardly.

He began to list all the reasons (financial) why this wasn't a good idea. And I knew them already. But I'm sure that deep down, he was happy. A little. But more scared than anything.

He had gotten used to being a Daddy to 2.5 yr. old Sierra...then Ethan came along.

Now Ethan's barely 8 months old, and here I am, just days after celebrating our first anniversary, delivering the news that we're adding to the nest!

I know he wanted to be happy, because Dean loves children and has always wanted to be a dad. He just couldn't enjoy the moment with all the negative thoughts in his head.

I was upset by his reaction, of course. But I knew it would change down the line. And it did.

However, telling the extended family was just as hard. No one....and I mean NO ONE was happy for us.

Wait...change that.

Only one person was happy for us. Uncle Henry. He hails from a family of 10 children. So to him, this was good news. But to grandmas and grandpas, aunts and wasn't. All they could say was, "How are you going to afford another one?"

Fast forward again.

We find a 3 bedroom townhouse for rent, in our price range (cheap). Even comes with a washer and dryer! Woohoo! We fill in the paperwork and prepare to move in April 1st.

March 19th, 2000. Abby's born! Everyone's excited and thrilled, especially Dean.

Especially Dean. And he's been that way ever since.

For those of you who don't know, the name "Abigail" is Hebrew and means "joy of the father" or "her father's joy".

The Lord Himself chose her name. He knew she wouldn't be welcomed with the same out-stretched arms as her brother and sister. But in His wisdom, He knew that she would live up to her name, and indeed become "her father's," and everyone else's, joy. She brings sparkle and light everywhere she goes.

(Remember, I didn't even KNOW what Abigail meant that day in the Costco parking lot! How amazing is that?!)

So, there you have it. The story of how Abigail became her father's joy.

Happy Birthday, Abby-Abigail-Pookie Poo! We love you so very, very much. xoxoxo

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