Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Parent Watch Day at Ballet Class

I have been looking forward to this night for two months; Parent Watch Day!

Twice a year, the parents are allowed to come into the ballet studio and watch the class--front 'n center!

We, being the obnoxious parents that we are, came armed with 2 cameras (one of which doubles as a video camera), and an additional (better) video camera. Woohoo!! Sierra filmed the following video clips, I used the other video camera, and Dean took *plenty* of photos. :o)

And what's kinda odd about all that, is that we were the ONLY parents with memory-capturing devices. (Huh???) I couldn't imagine NOT having something there to record the moment. But then again, perhaps we were the odd-balls. Heehee!

And now! I'm proud to present, the future Prima Ballerina, Miss all her Level I glory! Enjoy.

Oh, wait. Quick side note: You may notice how she "sucks in" her lips (and occasionally her tongue will go flying around her face) whenever she's dancing. She does this whenever she's concentrating hard on something. Kinda cute. By the way, she gets the lip-vacuum-thing from me. And the flying-tongue from Dean.

Speaking of which, I just caught myself sucking my lips in now! Ha ha! I must be trying hard to write...oh embarrassing. :o}

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