Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Thursday Blatherings

Today was a seriously goofy day during school time. For example, while spelling out the word "communicate" to Ethan:

Me: "...N-I-C" (silence follows as I watch Ethan carefully make his letters)

Abby: "K-E-Y...(Giggles)"

Me: "Abby shush!"

Abby: Giggling very hard, and trying unsuccessfully to stifle it.

Ethan: Bursts out laughing, drops his pencil, and nearly falls out of the chair.

Ethan & Abby: In hysterical giggly unison, "M-O-U-S-Eeeeee!!!!"

Ahh, yes. This is my life, folks. (However, I must confess that the exact same tune and thought popped into my head just before Abby blurted it out. So I guess I'm just as dorky. I was just smart enough NOT to sing it.)

Things just progressed from there. Lots of giggles. Lots of nearly falling out of the chair.

Personally, I'm amazed they were able to keep it together with the little restraint they could muster, and actually finish they day's lessons without me coming totally unglued. Which in itself, is also rather amazing, as I'm completely out of chai.

Never a good thing.

Moving on...Sierra's getting decent-to-good grades on all her assignments, and if all continues to go well, she should finish up the year in May. (She'll finish English and Spanish in April.)

However, if I could convince her that what she refers to as an "essay" is NOT an essay at all, but is rather a lot of little words lumped together to give the impression of understanding and intellect, and a well-written paragraph needs more than just the standard 4 lines of text (like say...a topic sentence and elaboration of said topic!), I'd have it made.

My friend, Tiffany's dog Purl had four puppies. Yeah!!!

I'm in WA and she's in NY. Booo!!!

My sister's dog, Valentino is a wonderfully cute Pomeranian. Yeah!

He pees in the house. Booo!

My nephew tried to defend his "ex-girlfriend" (ahem) by trying to rescue her stolen penny. Yeah!

In doing so, he caused the thieving boy to get pummelled by his vigilante posse. Booo!!!

And now he's banished from recess for the remainder of the week. Double Booo!!!

I'm bored. What's to eat around here? Oh wait. I forgot. I can't eat anything good because endometriosis hates me.


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