Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A Wonderful Confirmation

Tonight after Abby's ballet class, I was chatting a bit with her (and my former) teacher, Judith. After a moment, Judith dropped her voice a bit and said the following;

"Gosh...your Abby. (Looking around to see if the other mothers and children weren't listening.) "Don't ever let her quit."

Huh?! I stood there, speechless.

She continued; "When I look at her," placing a hand over her chest, "I mean, she's got those gorgeous, gorgeous banana feet, looong legs, flowing arms, long neck--just every inch the ballerina."

Me: Blink...blink-blink.

"You know, she's the type of student every dance teacher dreams of getting. So many little girls want to dance, and of course that's great, or their mothers want them to dance or what-have-you. But, Abby's something special. She's got it. I mean she's REALLY, REALLY got it!"

Judith started chuckling a bit and exclaimed, "I actually have a hard time trying not to STARE at her in class! Those feet! My gosh!"

Regaining her composure now; "Honestly. Don't ever let her quit. I'm serious! If there ever comes a point where the tuition's a struggle, just let me know and we'll work something out. Gosh...she is just so beautiful! She's exactly like you, all over again. I just can't say enough good things about her. She picks up choreography quickly. She's on the music. Wow..."

I had to fight back the tears, people. I couldn't believe it, nor could I stop myself from repeatedly squealing, "Really?!" and "Oh, thank you! Thank you!"

What makes this even more amazing is that earlier, while watching the class, I was mentally making notes of what to work on at home (this was for her recital piece). I cringed inwardly over one of her port de bras (arm position), and suddenly "heard" a distinct reprimand from the Lord.

"Stop it." He said. "She's just starting out. You were no different."

GULP!!! Suddenly, I could see myself in my mind's eye, a timid little girl just starting out. Feeling very much like I couldn't keep up, but desperately trying to.

I immediately apologized. "I'm sorry, Lord. You're right. But Lord, oh LORD! She loves ballet so much. Just look at her in there! Just...please, please bless her. If she's in the right place, then please bless her in it. If dancing is her thing, then please---please bless her in it.

"Give her grace, musicality, timing. Give her the physical strength she needs and let her develop the kind of physique dancing requires. Give her the dedication and love she'll need for the long haul. May she never be ridiculed like I was by my peers."

"I don't want to be one of those pushy "ballet moms", Lord. I really don't. So, if its just MY thing that she's doing, then put an end to it. But if not, then bless it. Please."

Fifteen minutes later, God answered through her teacher.

I thought that was pretty special indeed.

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