Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Aw, Man...!

Dean's sick with a wicked-nasty cold bug, and stayed home from work because of it.

Ethan and Abby are also feeling under the weather. (Charming...) Abby's silently playing with her Littlest Pet Shop stuff, while Ethan practices being a "man" by lounging on the couch, watching Star Wars. (Hacking up a lung, remote in hand.)

Maybe if the weather could get itself straightened out, my family wouldn't be in this mess. But I digress...

In happier news, Sierra finished school for the year. Two months early. (Again) And I'm very pleased to report that she earned straight A's. Woohoo!

Tomorrow's our passover seder at church. And do I have my dish planned yet? Nooooo. At this rate, it looks like it just might be me and Sierra attending this year. The others are too sick to be out in public.

Can you believe that it's nearly 1pm and I've barely touched my To-Do list??? (Sick people can really throw you off schedule sometimes...)

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