Sunday, April 13, 2008

Gutting, Cleaning and Dumping

And I ain't talking about fish! ;o}

I'm talking about us *finally* renting a freakin' U-Haul pickup, and taking all of the crap piled on the side of the house to the dump.


Gone are the old pool toys, too-small bikes, and other random, mud-and-worm-covered junk that embarrassed me to no end. (Blech!!!)

And yesterday afternoon, during our ONLY super-nice-and-warm-day since last Summer, we tore down the two big plastic tree houses (a la`Little Tikes) out back. Now that was a serious project, let me tell you!

In order to get those wretched things apart, we had to attack them with a quadruple-whammy threat of sledge hammer, baseball bat, railroad spike (don't ask), and LOTS of brute force. The children helped too, of course. ;o) And totally loved doing so.

(Personally, I had no idea swinging a sledge hammer could be so fun and exhilirating! Heehee! I was feeling quite savage, even if I do hit/aim like a girl.)

So once that was completed, we gathered those mangled, multi-colored pieces of former childhood fun (covered in pollen, mud, spiders and mold), into what resembles a huge "plastic bonfire". They're going to the dump today, too. Woohoo!

(Have I mentioned how much I LOVE the dump?! I seriously get a rush of euphoria over throwing stuff away. It's insane, I know.)

All of this is colliding with my severe annoyance at the condition of the inside of my house. I'm on a rampage, which I go through once a month or so, where I feel like everything is just GROSS and filthy! I've been cleaning blinds (the only aspect of home keeping I truly hate), detail vacumming, 4 loads of laundry, sweeping, mopping, wiping windows, and dusting every surface.

And I still think my house is disgustingly filthy and gross! (UGH!!!)

Do you get like that, dear reader? Where you just can't seem to get your house clean enough, no matter how much you've cleaned, sorted, organized and thrown away? I was ready to kick something earlier, when I couldn't move the bed in order to vacuum underneath it.

Talk about frustration! I could see all those little dust bunnies mocking me, but couldn't reach them, even with my handy Hoover attachments. I finally got wise, and with a smirk of satisfaction, hoisted the 500 lb mattress and box spring off the bed. Granted, I had to get all Crocodile Hunter-ish, but I did it! Then, I plunked the vac down on the carpet below, and sucked every wicked bunny up as fast as I could!

(Mooowaaa ha ha ha haaaa!!) Take that, you wascally wabbits!

And now, I've got it in my head that my dryer lint collector is in need of a de-linting, so I've vacuumed that out, too. Ha!

I'm sure there's a medication for this out there, but I'm afraid to ask for it. Because then my house would be completely horrid, disgusting, and entirely unlivable. (Shudder)
PS: Totally off subject, but did you SEE the muscles in my oldest's back?! Click on the photos to make 'em bigger to really get a good look. Gee whiz! If I could only look like that....and I workout! Soooo unfair.

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